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A Shave and A Whiskey and Father's Day Treats - The Whiskey Barber

A couple of weeks ago we joined in with the @WhiskeyBarber to offer Father's Day Treats of course based on Whiskey!  The menu was outstanding: Buffalo Steak with a Whiskey Jalapeno Sauce, Walnut and Whiskey Biscuits with Rosemary Butter, Blackberry Whiskey cobbler with a Vanilla Whiskey Glaze and if that wasn't enough.... Candied Whiskey Bacon ( the elected favorite for the evening) topped off with a @WyomingWhiskey Sour.  We also gave the attendees a special take home treat of Homemade BBQ sauce from Katherine's Kitchen.  (The recipe is also up on a later blog - "BBQ Chicken with Whiskey Sauce.") Katherine Forelle is one of our chefs and part of our style team along with our top stylist Stefani Thompson @vintageinfatution who makes the most unique JHole jewelry and styles for @bellecosejacksonhole on the side:)

If you have never entered this iconic Jackson Hole reserve for a haircut or a shave, it is a must see when visiting here.  If you don't need either of those things, have a whiskey and watch the master's clip away.  It is something from a bygone era that is a real treat.

whiskey barber - jill king-styling-the-new -west.jpg

My Partners for the Evening:

The Whiskey Barber aka W.D. Barry was a dream working with as we tore into the kitschy space with all our goods and whiskey treats.  Styling and setting up in a whirlwind with our sweet photographer @lindleyrustphoto who works quickly an has an eye for detail capturing our mood and moment. 

The @Newwestknifeworks also known as @mtn_man_toy_shop, a chef knife boutique bound to make both you and your man linger over these mountain-watering knives.  They are truly for someone who love fine food, see cooking as an art mixed in with the artist's brush.  They are finely tuned, quality instruments, a fusion of form and function. and they are often referred to as  "kitchen jewelry" which are "sculpture for the countertop"  They have been featured in Forbes Magazine, Fine Cooking, Conde Nast Traveler, Sunset Magazine, Food and Wine as many more places. With our good fortune, they brought their reserve to us for our needed macho gifts for the dads.  They have a large national presence in our little town of JH and are worth a click to website - www. newwestknifeworks to peruse over their booty gladly giving us: Hand-forged tomahawks, pipehawks, First-Class Grand Pan, Giv'r leather gloves, shaving sets, antique fish hatchet, spatula's and other dreamy gifts. 

Also, @bellecosejacksonhole hand-picked these beautiful Spode dishes of browns and greens sporting manly scenes of western animals, hunting, fishing and these outstanding brown bear candles which could adorn any mountain modern household. They were the cat's meow! 

Also featured are these antler whiskey glasses from @made in Jackson Hole.  You will want a set for yourself... they are classy and just the right size for our whiskey sour.  You'll find they are a much needed staple for your table.

mountain man 2.jpg

Styling Tips for Our Father's Day Event:

  • Create a theme which connects your scene, food and event
  • Select the treats that speak to your audience ( MEN)
  • Style Your Event around your partners, color scheme and what you already have - I added moss, different types of burlap (a staple in my kit), my husband's bear rug, simple green flowers, elk and deer antlers we had lying around, antique silver pieces from our team's cache and large and small green checked ribbons to pull the main pieces together.
invite and bacon.jpg

I hope you will try some of the whiskey treats especially the Blackberry Whiskey Cobbler.... they will be offered up on my blog for you to mix up yourself.  Please tag me with how they turned out @stylingthenewwest and have fun trying something new....