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Avocado Toast, Coffee and What Actually Motivates You Beyond Money.....

Recently some of the IG Entrepreneurs I follow and exchange ideas with were enjoying some morning Avocado Toast, Coffee and pondering what actually motivates you past the green in your jeans. For me as a stylist, I was having a moment where I needed to dig down and get it straightened out of “ the what and the why” I do this crazy stuff called styling aka TBT “decorating.” What makes you kick the covers off and get a running start for your everyday? I was curious about this for me and from you IG gals. So thank you @emilyjanakinteriors, @marketingthewildwest @kristenmeckemtravel @coa_me @simpledetails_photo and @tsgjacksonhole for all of your insight and feedback. It gonged the gong to say the least….

PC @marianmedvedeva

PC @marianmedvedeva

Let’s Face It… This Entrepreneur Stuff Ain’t Easy But It Is Worth It

For Emily Janak of @emilyjanankinteriors, she claims it’s worth running your own business because “ it’s about having creative freedom. There’s nothing more fulfilling when you go to sleep at night - even with the added stresses and responsibility.” We all know the money is a given… needs are real but this desire to feel complete is a true talking point for entrepreneurs. That feeling of sketching out your plan and the vulnerability with your client knowing you are on the line… it is all your work… BUT you get to create your dream project for them. It feels fabulous. In fact, it feels great.

Switch gears over to marketing guru Jessica Sheehy of @marketingthewildwest, she revealed her top motivations. “I am motivated by the happiness working for myself has brought me. I love learning and being challenged. Giving my 100% of my creative energy to multiple brands and projects is an overwhelming feeling of true fulfillment.” Alert! Being filled up is equally or more important than just the paycheck. Her response was so candid and clear about checking the happiness box. This is something just seemingly valuable when applying for jobs and careers with other institutions but when you work for yourself it becomes something that you can’t compromise on.

@KristenMeckemTravel points to her main motivation is all about owning her own business and having her own schedule. She penned…”I knew I wanted to have something when my youngest left the nest. Growing my own business has given me that. Particular to my industry, it truly enhances our lives and brings us geographically closer even if it’s on another continent.” She specifically looked for a business that coupled her love for travel. You can tell by her blog “Wish You Were Here” found at that her love for adventure and traveling shows up front and center when planning itineraries for others. ( I’m proof darling!) @simpledetailsphoto shouted a big “ditto” on this as well as her main motivation is to “control her schedule so that she can maximize time with her daughter - whether she goes to work with me. I never miss a beat being with her. All about the freedom.”

I treasured the last comment from @coa_me who writes succinctly that “it’s having the ability to think big, tackle challenges, fall, do better and to grow.” (@tsgjacksonhole raised a glass and a amen to that comment!!) I’ve actually seen this firsthand as she has taken me under her wing to challenge me in areas where I’m a bit resistant. Her mantra has truly helped motivate me to become more focused on the goal and just keep on keepin on!

PC @tanialeegonsalez

PC @tanialeegonsalez

The Top Motivation For Me…. I Get to Handle All the Details From A to Z to Present My True Vision for the Client

These comments have common threads. Getting to create on our own. Recently, I spent some time writing out my top 5 which is important work if you haven’t done it. Thank you @JennaKutcher !! I’ve been listening to all of her podcasts that I can get my hands on. Her advice is spot on and comes from a genuine place of “learning from doing.” Get it out of your head and onto paper girl…. this is your business we are talking about! My top five are…. 1) scratching out all the details from A to Z to present my true vision for the client. 2) to do the most styling I can so I grow in as many ways as I am able 3) have a varied schedule that gels better with my family 4) the smile I receive knowing I can run my own business - a true feeling of accomplishment 5) providing a quality service irrelevant of fame and fortune



Write Out Your Top 5 Now Darling…

It makes sense to get your motivations streamlined top of the page in BOLD. @fitsmallbusiness cite 49% of all entrepreneurs work from 50-60 hours a week, far more than the average 40 hour punch clock job. These stats are beneficial in that there is trend from away from working for others to owning your own business. According to, there are over 28 million small businesses in the US and over 50% of the working population works in a small business or self-employed. Wowza. Much higher than I thought really. It’s really tough stuff being an entrepreneur. Long hours, tracking down payments and maintaining all facets of the business. So darling, you’ve gotta get going now. Slice up that avocado and get on your top 5. I’d love to see you on INSTA - @stylingthenewwest or email me your top 5 and I’ll mention you at

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