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Big Horn Mountain Roundup - Sheridan, WYO

There are lots of trail rides happening around the state of Wyoming but the Big Horn Mountain Roundup is certainly a very rare event that calls men to the cool dry air and majestic Big Horns for some real cowboy adventure.  It dates back to 1965, when two Buffalo residents hosted some dudes from California and overwhelmingly decided over drinks (and dinner) that a organized trail ride would be just the way to share what they loved with others around the country.  After much discussion with other local Buffalo folks, the Big Horn Mountain Roundup was incorporated with official bylaws and a board of directors selected.  They stated their purpose was to "promote the social welfare of its membership and to increase interest in, and knowledge of the historic and scenic areas in the immediate vicinity of the Big Horn mountains of Wyoming."  While attendance is by invitation by the Board of Directors, the group swells to 90-120 men who are friends of friends of the board with a sole purpose of "trailriding."  With the 2 pre-requisites being they must be able to take care of his own horse and submit a photo of himself in western riding attire.  


 Gathering the horses for the evening......

Gathering the horses for the evening......


The "trailride" It is an annual event taking place in the last full weekend of July and while it sounds a bit exclusive, it is meant to keep the association focused on riding  and men who want to ride and connect with other men over riding. Over 120 men gather from across the nation and occasionally overseas, together to share their love of riding, Wyoming and horses.   Statesmen, attorneys, doctors, veterinarians and ranchers show up to camp together, swap stories, mull over politics and even share a beer or two.  




I know my husband loves the trail riding, wide open spaces and friendships made through the roundup but what he talks most of is the "mutton cookout."  It is all you can eat lamb chops on over the open fire.  I'm pretty sure he dreams about this year round.  

Each night of the ride there are several cowboy singers in the Bar Tent as well as amateur stand-up comedy night on Saturday.  Likely you'll hear iconic cowboy tunes such as "Four Strong Winds" written by Ian Tyson, "Sweet Wyoming Home" written by Bill Staines and "Bareback Jack" written by the late Chris LeDoux.  Word is the singers are quite good and they enjoy crooning for the lot several of which have sung at the trailride for over 25 years.  If you want an authentic Wyoming night it is right there under the Big Horns open sky.