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Bacon, Gouda and Pimento Egg Bites Perfect for Your Easter Tablescape

My bacon, gouda and pimento egg bites will give Starbucks a run for da’ money. I’ve been in the test kitchen for several weeks now trying to find the perfect mix of ingredients that will satisfy a low-fat but tasty bite to add to my Easter table. These bites will deliver and be something you can easily make for the week giving you a blast of protein to start your day. The secret weapon…. you’ll die…. it is cottage cheese!!

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Shawn Rivett - What he has up his sleeve for the 2018 Western Design Conference

What I am amazed most about Shawn is his artistic range. He seems inspired by just about all natural elements from antlers to recycled steel.  While antlers might be his medium he is most comfortable with, he is also a self-taught photographer and an interior designer. 

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