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Avocado Toast, Coffee and What Actually Motivates You Beyond Money.....

Recently some of the IG Entrepreneurs I follow and exchange ideas with were enjoying some morning Avocado Toast, Coffee and pondering what actually motivates you past the green in your jeans. For me as a stylist, I was having a moment where I needed to dig down and get it straightened out of “ the what and the why” I do this crazy stuff called styling aka TBT “decorating.”

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Charcuterie - Build the Perfect Board in 6 Steps by Styling the New West

Building your board takes a little more time than just buying what's available at the grocery.  Make sure you take time "selecting" your items making sure you have plenty for your guests.  This will be the focal point of your cocktail party aka your meeting spot. Make it a tasty journey for everyone presenting new things for you and them to try.  You might even sketch up a little roadmap for them to identify what cheese, salami or treat they are trying!

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Big Horn Mountain Roundup - Sheridan, WYO

There are lots of trail rides happening around the state of Wyoming but the Big Horn Mountain Roundup is certainly a very rare event that calls men to the cool dry air and majestic Big Horns for some real cowboy adventure.

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