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Charcuterie - Build the Perfect Board in 6 Steps by Styling the New West


Building your board takes a little more time than just buying what's available at the grocery.  Take time "selecting" your items making sure you have plenty for your guests.  This will be the focal point of your cocktail party aka your meeting spot. Make it a tasty journey for everyone presenting new things for your and them to try.  You might even sketch up a cute roadmap for them to identify what cheese, salami or treat they are trying!

1.    Start with a large vintage board or platter.  This is your chance to guide your guests on a tasty and visual journey using the key word “variety.”

2.    Anchor your board with  4-5 different types of cheeses both hard and soft made with different kinds of milk keeping in mind various textures for example: zimbro cheese, blue mont bandaged cheddar, manchego, pecorino or camembert cheese.

styling charcuterie jill king styling the new west.JPG

3.  Fill around the cheese with 4- 5 types of select quality Italian meats 2-3 oz per person such as: thinly shaved prosciutto di parma, salame di felino, sopressata or even a pate creating rolls and fold the meats in interesting folds.  Get creative the saltier the better!

4.  Select 6 other fillers: varieties of drained olives,  marcona almonds, pistachios, walnuts, figs, melon pieces, grapes, pickles, cornichons keeping in mind they may need their own little bowls.

styling charcuterie meats jill king styling the new west(1).JPG

5.  Fill in with 2 bread items ( both hard and soft) and and 2 spreads.  You may use flatbread crackers, sliced baguette, raspberry jam, honey, compote, or chutney.

6.  Always slice unhandy to cut items ahead of time.  Save the integrity of your cheese making sure to serve with the correct knife! After a weekend in Napa Valley and me drooling over cheese knives, my girlfriend sent a set that I adore.  I wish I knew more about them but they do make the perfect gift! I found a Mountain Modern set on @williamsandsonoma - "Burnished Cheese Knives - set of 4" for 39.95.  Give it with a couple types of cheeses as a hostess gift... lovely!!!

New West Styling Tips

I have styled my charcuterie on this lovely extra large teak cutting board. I cut out parchment paper so that my meats would not soak into the board.  You can find a similar board online with @Rasttro_ in over 15 different precious woods and shapes and sizes.  They also carry reclaimed solid bowls that can be used inside or out.  

charcuterie - jill king styling and staging the new west.JPG

Can’t wait for you to send me a photo of your own Charcuterie Board you created. Please tag @stylingthenewwest! or Email

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