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Crafty Table. When Production Comes to Town.

Jackson Hole is one of the most popular places in the nation to film and photograph with its beautiful scenery and old-time ranches and one-of-a-kind log structures.  When setting up a crew on location, Craft Services are contracted way ahead of their arrival. "Crafty" is different than catering services which can also be contracted. They are negotiated alongside of my Craft Services providing the fullest eating experience your set will ever need in Jackson Hole. 



Crafty is the hub of every location film, video or photography shoot.  Since most agencies come in from out of town, they usually hire someone local and proficient in offering and setting up stations for food and beverages for the camera, sound, electricians, grips, props, art director, set director, special effects, hair and make-up, background.  They are mainly grazing sites for everyone at the set making sure everyone stays  VERY happy.  

PC @rachelpark

PC @rachelpark

Hanging out with Crafty

You might think this is where everyone eats.  NOT... This is filler or snack spot.  Typically there is one main table where the snacks and coffee are set up (which is simply called "crafty" or "the crafty table"). Occasionally there are two craft service stations, with one being for cast and crew and another for non-union background actors. A "satellite" crafty may be set up next to the camera, as they may not reasonably be able to leave their workstations to grab a snack from the crafty table, which may be located in another room. This smaller, scaled-down set-up may be on a rolling cart or on top of an apple box. It could consist of a few small baskets containing granola bars, dark chocolate, gum, aspirin, bananas and bottled water.  Aside from snacks and beverages, crafty can also be the go-to place for to sit down and rest, visit with the local team, find bandages, aspirin, gum, antacids, toothpicks, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, and maybe even hand-warmers especially in Wyoming!!


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    Commercial  Shoots Abound

    Several years ago, my daughter Georgia modeled for an American Express print ad and another commercial ad for the THAT"S WY - Wyoming State Advertising Campaign and was hired for 5 days of blissful shots all over Teton county and through Grand Teton National Park.  She was also very good at looking relaxed and outdoor-sy which was the point!  BUT the Crafty proved to be a place for the MOM to hang out also.  I even helped rearrange and style the table SINCE I was available and LOVED doing it.  The set is a busy place and many hands are needed to keep the Joe a-flowing and table stocked up.  Not to mention,  I LOVED it and so I added it to my list of offerings Styling the New West styles and organizes for production coming to JH so I'm ready for you!  


    Georgia King hiking Corbett's Coulier for the primo early morning shot for That's WY - Wyoming Campaign in 2016.