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"Shiny Brite" Has It's Shine On - The Main Attraction at My 2018 Styling the New West Holiday Showcase at Tori Salon

Shiny Brite Has It’s Shine On

Who hasn’t had some type of love affair with these vintage Christmas ornaments from the 1930’s? Mr. Max Eckardt proudly produced these delicate creations in the USA reflecting a timeless era whereby the unadorned glass bulbs supplied by the Corning company to Eckardt’s factories were handmade, lacquered and then coated in silver nitrate glazing the pretties with their signature name ……one that was truly bright and shiny.

Shiny Brite doing what they do best…shining…..  PC Pinterest

Shiny Brite doing what they do best…shining…..

PC Pinterest

Shiny Brite and the Post WW 11 Era

While the company took a break during war-time, the iconic ornaments were reborn and back with the quintessential reds and greens, purples, pinks and icy blues in shapes of bells, icicles, pinecones, tear drops and finials. The hues were highlighted by the ever-sharp metallic colors, (metal restrictions ended with the war) glittery mica flakes, and metal hooks which gave them their distinctive look. For that time they were a glitzy overnight sensation, affordable and on every tree in the USA. They took a back seat with the advent of plastic in the late 1950”s and Shiny Brite ultimately closed their doors in 1962.

Today, there has been a resurgence of the ornaments primarily due to the Christopher Radko Company, a well-known Polish glass blowing ornament maker, who began reproducing these iconic lines in 2001. Now you see them from retail stores such as @niemanmarcus, @potterybarn, @target , @TJMaxx to Etsy and Ebay still making them affordable and easy to find. For me they transport me right back to the old dime-store eon reminiscent of popcorn, rubber and candy all mixed together…..

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New West Styling Tips

My 2018 Holiday Showcase will feature these Shiny Brite Beauties at Tori Salon at 230 East Broadway, Jackson, WY, on a “natural” live tree. Viewing will start the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. If you stop in, you can enter to win your very own box of Shiny Brite’s compliments of STNW. You will see the garland, the bells, and myriad of colors from pink to green all shapes and sizes guaranteed not to disappoint. We can’t wait to see you there darling….

Which is your favorite color? Mine: chartreuse……

Which is your favorite color? Mine: chartreuse……

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