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Styling Tip: Books. More Than A Look.

Of course the Classic Coffee Table is the most visible and eye-catching location to place and style books.  Based on the size of your coffee table, you can create a "grid" space to style-away. For a modern look, stack larger books larger than 10 x 12 or go over-size to 10 x 14  up to 24 x 36.  Keep in mind, you want to stack in groups of three or four which start large on the bottom growing smaller to the top keeping pretty uniform in size. 


Choose Books That You Love

  • Go to and Scroll Through 20 Greatest Coffee Table Books of All Time

  • If you have a mountain modern home you will want to be sure to choose books with a bit of color that compliment your grey/neutral/wood theme.

  • Note to Self: Love the Book you choose. Go to Barnes and Noble and look through the books you select. Touch and Read It. Do these books speak you? Recently, I was at a beautiful mountain modern home where the designer selected the books. Knowing this person well, I could tell these were books someone else selected. Only one of the books was about skiing of which they are passionate about the other books did not jive at all. Be sure to spend time curating your collection so it is something you can leave open on your table when having guests over.

  • Consider using a professional book curator like @foxtailbooks to help you find what you love.

  • I love Peonies. This is a classic English Garden Book by Jane Estoe that is wonderful and not necessarily Mountain Modern. But I love it. Just note, anything will mix well if the color palette of the 3-4 books blends nicely. This book will endless conversation starters for parties and the garden I would love to have one day.


Styling with Books.

  • Over-styling is the most common theme I have seen in homes. They love books so they go overboard. If you are going to go with the over-styling book theme, keep it in stacks of 2 or 4. Be sure to arrange smaller items on 2 of the stacks, such as small Simon Pierce tray or a art-deco horn but be sure to highlight 2 of the stacks. I prefer 2 stacks. You can OVER style with books leaving your eye overwhelmed so it just doesn't lead you to one book in particular.

To Size it Up.  Place 3-4 Books together of similar size being aware that the size of book matters to the coffee table.  Make sure they visually are the right size.  Use plain white paper to plan your sizes out before buying.  Check your color scheme.  Are there too many colors and do they compliment one another? Each stack DOES NOT HAVE TO have a theme.  Make it interesting so someone actually wants to pick it up.  Go ahead.  Style away and have fun investing in books you love.