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Five Simple Styling Hacks That Will Change Your Abode - Hack #1 Creating and Loving Your Authentic Style

The reoccurring theme I hear from clients is that they aren’t sure of their personal style. Your home is the place that should feel like home not just a place to park. Top three to keep focused on when trying to narrow in on your style…. Number one…..make your design choices that give you the home you need and the one you want to have. Number two…..visualize how your family can best live out this lifestyle Number three…. what are your dream transformations and realistic budgets for this ? Get Real About i.e.  Dogs. Skiing. Children. Entertaining. Traveling. That’s right darling list those passions, wants and needs of yours and your family’s….

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Shawn Rivett - What he has up his sleeve for the 2018 Western Design Conference

What I am amazed most about Shawn is his artistic range. He seems inspired by just about all natural elements from antlers to recycled steel.  While antlers might be his medium he is most comfortable with, he is also a self-taught photographer and an interior designer. 

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