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Savory Easy Arugula Salad

Savory Easy Arugula Salad will tempt your palette in a simple yet fresh taste. Using fresh lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil, you will fall in love with our simple salad!

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Charcuterie - Build the Perfect Board in 6 Steps by Styling the New West

Building your board takes a little more time than just buying what's available at the grocery.  Make sure you take time "selecting" your items making sure you have plenty for your guests.  This will be the focal point of your cocktail party aka your meeting spot. Make it a tasty journey for everyone presenting new things for you and them to try.  You might even sketch up a little roadmap for them to identify what cheese, salami or treat they are trying!

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Big Mama's Southern Fried Peach Pies

My Big Mama, who was actually very petite, made these fried pies for us when we came down to Tennessee to visit.  While later in life she actually used canned biscuit dough for the delicious fried pies, she also used a homemade dough which I use.   She used terms like... "I reckon" and called the refrigerator a "frigidaire."  While quite the beautiful refined lady in her later years, you wouldn't know she helped Big Daddy run the family farm during her marriage and cooked many southern treats that I still love to this day.  Get ready to FRY it up!!!

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