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Fall Tortilla Soup - Michele (Mickey) of @SeamistStudio

This Fall Tortilla Soup Recipe will not disappoint darling! While some of us are almost done with fall… some of you are right in the middle of it. This Fall Tortilla Soup will not disappoint darling, perfect for trick or treat night, fall get together or a tailgate that we did here. I have doctored this recipe up for years KNOWING it had deviated somewhere past the original recipe.

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Shawn Rivett - What he has up his sleeve for the 2018 Western Design Conference

What I am amazed most about Shawn is his artistic range. He seems inspired by just about all natural elements from antlers to recycled steel.  While antlers might be his medium he is most comfortable with, he is also a self-taught photographer and an interior designer. 

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Coleman Coolers are Cool....says Styling the New West......

Recently I styled a retro camping look for a flagship opening for @westernrangeclothing.  I scurried around trying to find this exact burnt red cooler that my styling partner's friend @camprunamucklove let us borrow.  It lit a fire under me after the event fueling, "I gotta find one for me"  it was so cute and retro and fun.  I decided to dig around about these coolers and find out the real skinny on them and why on earth are they still around and so FUNCTIONAL??? 

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Big Mama's Southern Fried Peach Pies

My Big Mama, who was actually very petite, made these fried pies for us when we came down to Tennessee to visit.  While later in life she actually used canned biscuit dough for the delicious fried pies, she also used a homemade dough which I use.   She used terms like... "I reckon" and called the refrigerator a "frigidaire."  While quite the beautiful refined lady in her later years, you wouldn't know she helped Big Daddy run the family farm during her marriage and cooked many southern treats that I still love to this day.  Get ready to FRY it up!!!

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