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Mini Coconut Lime Tartletts with Whipped Mint Creme Fraiche

For our second series of Style Wednesday, I entitled it "Herbs, Ferns and Books" and Katherine of "Katherine's Kitchen" and myself baked up a fabulous library menu based on fresh herbs.  All of our goodies were focused on what you would serve during "tea time" in the library.  It was so much fun as we collaborated with @foxtailbooks a boutique library curator and @flowersbychloejh who gave us some fabulous ferns and herbs to style our table.  The centerpiece of course was an assortment of books brought by Christy Smirl herself (foxtailbooks) and other lovely books from @twentytwohome.  Our table was styled with Gluten Free/Sugar Free Berry Scones with a Almond  Whipped Crème and Berry Liquor Compote,  Black Pepper and Fennel Breadsticks, Lemon Rosemary Filled Cookies, Old-Fashioned Raspberry Jam Cake from Bonnie's (aka Granny) Southern Kitchen, Quiche Adorned with Herbs and these Mini Coconut Lime Tartletts with Whipped Mint Crème Fraiche. Voila! Tea Time!

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