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"Shiny Brite" Has It's Shine On - The Main Attraction at My 2018 Styling the New West Holiday Showcase at Tori Salon

Who hasn’t had some type of love affair with these vintage Christmas ornaments from the 1930’s? Mr. Max Eckardt proudly produced these delicate creations in the USA reflecting a timeless era whereby the unadorned glass bulbs supplied by the Corning company to Eckardt’s factories were handmade, lacquered and then coated in silver nitrate glazing the pretties with their signature name ……one that was truly bright and shiny.

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Avocado Toast, Coffee and What Actually Motivates You Beyond Money.....

Recently some of the IG Entrepreneurs I follow and exchange ideas with were enjoying some morning Avocado Toast, Coffee and pondering what actually motivates you past the green in your jeans. For me as a stylist, I was having a moment where I needed to dig down and get it straightened out of “ the what and the why” I do this crazy stuff called styling aka TBT “decorating.”

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Savory Easy Arugula Salad

Savory Easy Arugula Salad will tempt your palette in a simple yet fresh taste. Using fresh lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil, you will fall in love with our simple salad!

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Coleman Coolers are Cool....says Styling the New West......

Recently I styled a retro camping look for a flagship opening for @westernrangeclothing.  I scurried around trying to find this exact burnt red cooler that my styling partner's friend @camprunamucklove let us borrow.  It lit a fire under me after the event fueling, "I gotta find one for me"  it was so cute and retro and fun.  I decided to dig around about these coolers and find out the real skinny on them and why on earth are they still around and so FUNCTIONAL??? 

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Katherine's Westbank Strata

Katherine’s Westbank Strata perfect for a make-ahead egg dish in individual servings. She creatively ses a slightly salty mortadella and smooth fontina cheese while topping it with asparagus.

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