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Bacon, Gouda and Pimento Egg Bites Perfect for Your Easter Tablescape

My bacon, gouda and pimento egg bites will give Starbucks a run for da’ money. I’ve been in the test kitchen for several weeks now trying to find the perfect mix of ingredients that will satisfy a low-fat but tasty bite to add to my Easter table. These bites will deliver and be something you can easily make for the week giving you a blast of protein to start your day. The secret weapon…. you’ll die…. it is cottage cheese!!

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Big Horn Mountain Roundup - Sheridan, WYO

There are lots of trail rides happening around the state of Wyoming but the Big Horn Mountain Roundup is certainly a very rare event that calls men to the cool dry air and majestic Big Horns for some real cowboy adventure.

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JK's Spicy Cheese Straws

This original cheese straw recipe will be something you'll want to file away when you need a quick gift or party favor for your next cocktail hour.  It is totally a southern thing which is why I have it in my kitchen repertoire.  They are tasty and crunchy and ADDICTIVE!   While there are a million recipes out there, they can be a bit finicky if you've never made them before.  Use this one for a fool-proof recipe for your recipe box........

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If you want to be a real mountain man you need some toys from the Mountain Man Toy Shop.....

Jackson Hole has attracted "Mountain Men" to this wild and rugged land since the early 19th century.  Legends like Jim Bridger, John Colter, and Davey Jackson left their names on the land through their early exploits.  The New West Knifeworks, aka NWKW, was founded by Corey Milligan built on the needs and wants of outdoorsmen, cowboys, ranchers, climbers, fisherman, skiers, hunters, river runners and kitchen gurus for both  men and women alike.  

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Squash and Onion Flatbread

When I was choosing the menu for an event entitled "Style Wednesday" for @twentytwohome I wanted something that did not need to stay hot throughout the event.  Flatbread is just the ticket if you want a no-nonsense yummy staple for your guests.  Since our event was focused on fresh summer vegetables, I chose to try a squash and onion flatbread.  Simple yet tasteful.  

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